IDEAL Counseling Services, LLC

"For Your Best Life Yet"


Jeffery T. Lopez, Ph.D., BCDHB, LPC

Board Certified Diplomate of Human Behavior©


Counseling Services


      Individual and Couples

    Call 503-708-6866

     Fax 503-855-3760


Due to COVID-19 Restrictions 

Ideal Counseling Services, LLC is offering Tele-Health Sessions only 

until further guidance from the CDC and State lift social distant bans.

For Crisis Intervention Please Call

Veterans Crisis Line (Suicidal)

1-800-273-8255 Press 1

Military Crisis Line


Teen to Teen


We will provide you with strategic tools for life and personal growth
We  provide Competency Training
 Solutions to help you achieve
"For Your Best Life Yet"

    The Tools We Provide


  •  Using the I.D.E.A.L. model, our tools help you achieve effective and assertive communication

       in a Confident, Clear, and Controlled manner


  •  We provide you with training to get you

       back on your feet and by helping you to think

       with confidence by utilizing R.E.B.T.,

       and other cognitive therapeutic models