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Better Solutions for Competency and Behavior Training  


"For Your Best Life Yet"


•  Bringing better Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Optimism, Mental Agility,   Strengths of Character and Connection
  • He has taught hundreds of personnel in Resiliency and R.E.B.T training to include the Armed Forces on multiple levels
  • Topics covered include how to Avoid Thinking Traps: Identifying and correcting counterproductive patterns in thinking through the use of critical questions
  • ​Problem Solving: Using 6 strategic steps to problem solution identification
  • ​How to stop Catastrophic Thinking, thus reducing anxiety and improve problem solving
  • ​These and other strategic tools are available to you and your organization as one of our clients to become well-rounded and fully engaged in your "For Your Best Life Yet" as well as becoming a productive member of your family and work place system




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